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The purpose of this website is to spread news about the plight of the Iraqi Christians (Assyrians also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs). You will also find a great deal of information on our projects and our outreach programs.


Our advocacy work is possible because of your prayers, generosity, and support. Please keep us in mind for your future donations.


400 Assyrian Christian families have fled Mosul!

Iraqi Christian Relief Council is asking for your donation to help support refugees during these peril times with providing food and medicine.

Christmas Day Bombings Kill 34 Christians in Baghdad!

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What the Middle East Would be Like Without Christians?

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Christian Blood Flowing Through the Streets in Syria, Reminding us of Iraq and the Suffering of the Iraqi Christians.


Christian Massacre in Syria - Click Link to Read Article.


Christians Murdered While Crowd Cheered.



Catholic Priest Beheaded by Al Qaeda.



Catholic Bishops Still Missing in Syria.



Free Syrian Army Killing Christians.


In the Midst of Bloodshed and Continuous Christian Persecution, She Has Been Healed!

It is for the Lord’s merciful love and your strong support of our
efforts to raise money for Rund’s cancer treatment that she now is healed from this debilitating disease. We are eternally grateful you answered the “call”!

May the Lord bless every single one of you for your prayers and your immense generosity.


raqi Christian Relief Council

Please Help to Save Her Life!
Is it Cancer that Betrayed Her?
Is it Cancer that betrayed her_Final.pdf
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