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Dear friend,

When the city of Tel Kaif was destroyed by ISIS, its Christian community was devastated. During their three year occupation of the city, ISIS oppressed and afflicted the citizens of Tal Kaif, attempting to force them to convert to Islam; these brave Christians refused to do so. Because of their commitment to the Christian faith, some were forced into displaced person camps inside Iraq, while others fled to neighboring countries as refugees. Wherever they went, they were subjected to subhuman conditions, and endured thus for over three years.

When we visit the Iraqi Christian refugees in the region, we witness many tears shed by these faithful Christians as they mourn over the destruction of their beloved cities and the loss of family members killed by ISIS. Much of our time is spent holding these Christian refugees in our arms and consoling them by speaking of a brighter future; a brighter future that you can help them create through prayerful donations.

Despite the difficult living conditions in the city of Tel Kaif, including shortage of water and lack of hygiene products, approximately 60 families have already returned to their destroyed homes. In order to give them a second chance, a chance to thrive after their difficult exodus from their homes, we have made it our mission to provide them with hope and support. Through this campaign, we prayerfully aim to empower these Christian families by helping them establish businesses of their own so that they can begin to sustain themselves. We have met countless Iraqi Christians whose tears never stop for the grave losses they incurred; yet amidst these sorrowful tears, we hear the Lord’s name being praised because you, the American people, have not forsaken your brethren in the East. We invite you to stand by us as we continue to plant hope in Nineveh.

With a humble heart,

Juliana Taimoorazy

Image 1: First haircut in his newly built barber shop, funded by the Iraqi Christian Relief Council.

Image 2: Sacred Heart of Jesus church.

Image 3: Strong woman who lived under ISIS for three years and never renounced her Christian faith.

Image 4: Food and hygiene products distributed to 60 families.